Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 5


Project Name – Whitechapel Station

Contractor – Blackdown

Architect – Crossrail 25

Project Information – This project involved a lot of coordination with other services and trades due to the restricted access, location (above a rail track) and for a prestigious project. The design of the station canopy on which the greenroof has been installed meant that the specified Blackdown system would need to function on a curved barrel vaulted which was pitched from 0 to 22 degrees. The pitched roof of 22 degrees requires a high degree of planning, meticulous attention to detail, planning and installation. The pitched areas require the addition of substrate retention battens to stop the migration of the materials down the slope.

Bourne Amenity Involvement – Clearly this was a challenging site being central London and part of the Crossrail project. Once again we had to deliver into strict timed delivery slots, with clearance needed on vehicles and drivers days before hand for security purposes, which is something our FORS Gold fleet is becoming used to. We delivered close to 2,000 poly bag units of our certified BS8616:2019 extensive substrate, along with a washed 20/40mm shingle for the drainage layer. Another exciting project on the London landscape and a great way to introduce biodiversity into a previously sterile urban environment.

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