Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 4


Project Name – 33 King William Street

Contractor – Kings Landscapes

Project Information – Irrigated planters and lawns encouraging insects and wildlife to the ever-changing London skyline, supply and installation of a living wall, and green screens hiding the inevitable plant and AC units. Natural stone paved walkways, hardwood decking, bespoke timber benches and installation of the BMU housing incorporating an otherwise ugly but necessary element of high rise roofs into the landscape. Over 40 species of wildflowers and plants bring this space in the heart of London to life.

Bourne Amenity Involvement – Another challenging site with timed drops and deliveries in heavy traffic conditions. We delivered over 300m³ of our bespoke Intensive Roof Substrate in a combination of 1.2m³ bags and our poly bags to assist with moving the materials around site. There was also a sedum area that demanded our BS8616:2019 extensive blend, along with a double washed silica sand for drainage. Another privileged site to work on, and the results are stunning.

“Kings worked successfully with Bourne Amenity on 33 King William street both in product supply and logistically. Bourne were able to overcome strict timeslot allocations with material being lifted directly to the roof using the only tower crane on site. It was great to work with a company that are willing to go the extra mile during challenging times.” - Dan Pinna, Head of Operations, Kings Landscapes

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