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Sleigh ride...?


..more like water-skiing right now! But who cares - have a really lovely Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!

All the Group companies close tonight, Friday 20th, but we are back again, refreshed and raring to go, on Thursday 2 January at 8am.

The benefits of a load of manure


As the evenings draw in and temperatures fall, now is the time to think of - manure!

To give next year's vegetables the best possible start in life, order a load of composted manure. Then, once you have cleared the vegetable bed and the soil temperature has fallen to winter levels (probably in November or so - depends on the weather of course) spread a layer of about 6 inches thickness all over the bed and just leave it over the winter. The manure will slowly settle in to the soil, so that, when it is workable again in spring, you can easily dig it in and then plant your vegetables.

It is important to wait until the temperatures have dropped though, otherwise the nutrients will leach away before they have a chance to get absorbed by the soil.

Apart from the nutrient value of organic matter like manure, it also acts as a mulch and holds down the weeds - at least for a while. But weeding the vegetable patch is a task that will never fully go away!

Oh the weather outside is frightful...


...But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Actually it's not that easy running a haulage business a day like this - the A21 is closed between Lamberhurst and Tonbridge, the M20 is at a standstill from the M25 to Ashford, the A249 is closed; our Westerham quarry is closed - and still the snow is coming here in Newenden. There is - unusually - hardly any traffic past the office right now (9am).

The forecast is for more of the white stuff this morning, and then quite a lot on Thursday. Might not be a terribly productive week!