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You better watch out... we're telling you why


Santa Claus is coming to town, so we are taking a bit of a break over Christmas and the New Year. Friday 21st Dec will be the last working day of the year, and we re-open on Wednesday 2 January at 8am sharp!

It's beginning to look a lot like...

xmas snowman The offices will be taking a midwinter rest over Christmas and the New Year. Friday 22nd Dec will be the last working day of the year, and we re-open on Tuesday 2 January at 8am sharp!

Bourne Social

We are increasingly active on social media. Are you following all our accounts? Here is a quick guide to Bourne online:

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The Bourne Group 70th Anniversary Film

To celebrate 70 years of The Bourne Group of companies (Bourne Amenity, Bourne Sport, John Bourne & Co. and Gardenscape) we made a short film. All shot at our site in Newenden, it shows some of the people that make our firm work!

John Bourne & Co 70th anniversary

Incredible to think, it's seventy years since John Bourne set up his lime-spreading business at Newenden. Today, it is a flourishing business with 65 employees, four distinct operating companies and already moving on to the third generation Bournes in charge.

So it was definitely time to throw a party. The venue was the venerable Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, where the staff with spouses, partners and generally Most Significant Others were treated to drinks and amuses-bouches, an excellent dinner and entertainment ranging from Jonathan's keynote speech (if that is the right word for a wide-roaming historical treatise - with photos) through a new corporate video through some excellent - and loud - dance music.

We all got home eventually but I bet I wasn't the only one to be grateful for the extra hour lie-in resulting from the clocks going back...

There should be photos coming in a later post!