The Circle of Waste


How we’re working to complete the recycling circle - (and why your old waste could be just what we want!)

We love talking rubbish - that is, discussing waste and recycling, rather than reality TV. At The Bourne Group, one of our aims is to make everything as biodiverse and environmentally friendly as we possibly can. And, one of the ways we’re able to do this is through our Dumpy Bag Company

If you’ve ordered some of our Gardenscape garden products, for example some bark or some stone chippings, once you’ve put them into their desired spots in the garden, you might be wondering what to do with the empty bag - and that’s where our waste collection service comes in. You can just fill the bag back up with garden waste, household waste or construction waste, and we’ll come and collect it, and take it back to our environmentally permitted waste transfer station.

Our lorries are out delivering products every day, so we schedule the collections into their routes - that means there’s no wasted fuel, no additional pollution, and we can still be efficient, whilst also being eco-aware.

Your bag might have been used to deliver garden products to you, but that doesn’t mean you need to refill it with the same - whether you’re looking to get rid of old furniture, timber materials, roof tiles or even rubble from a housing project, just pop it in the bag, and we’ll take it away. (Of course, there’s some things we can’t take, like food waste and toxic substances. You can find a full list here).

We’re licensed by the Environment Agency to both transport and transfer waste, and once we get your bags back to our site, we sort through the waste, aiming to recycle at least 90% of everything we receive.

We aren’t picky though - we’ll even collect bags that aren’t our own and sort out the waste for you. And, if you don’t have a bag but would really like us to come and collect some waste, we can deliver a bag to you for you to fill.

We’re really passionate about this scheme because we want to make waste disposal responsible, and we’re committed to completing the recycling circle. For years, we’ve been in the business of delivering materials (many of which are recycled), and now we want to maximise the use of our lorries, so that they’re returning to us just as full as they left us - only they’ll be filled with waste products we can recycle and thus continue the cycle.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is (other than not being able to dispose of those toxic substances you were really hoping to be rid of). Well, collection costs £79.99 for one of our standard bags, but you can fill the bag with up to a tonne of waste - which is quite a lot of grass cuttings or broken bricks. We’re also able to offer discounts for multiple bag collections and for trade customers, so the more you recycle, the more you save.

We cover a wide area of postcodes across Kent and Sussex, so you can check here if you’re in our collection area. If you’re not, we might still be able to help - we charge £30 for collections outside of our designated areas, and we’re able to cover Surrey, London and even areas further afield.

So, if you’ve been staring at that empty Gardenscape bag wondering how you can possibly use it again, now you know. Just start filling it up, and give us a call when you’re ready for it to be collected. We’re really looking forward to talking rubbish with you!

To find out more about The Dumpy Bag Company, visit our website where you’ll find all of our FAQs, prices and contact details.