We're CLOCS Champions!

John Bourne & Co, the original company within the Group, providing haulage and lime, compost and other aggregate services throughout the Home Counties, has just been awarded CLOCS Champion status. This sounds like a Good Thing - but what is it? A little bit of investigation is called for.

So what is CLOCS? The acronym stands for Construction Logistics and Community Safety. It is an initiative stemming from a report published in 2013 by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) which highlighted the road safety problems when large construction vehicles operate in close proximity to vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. A CLOCS community was formed, which published a national standard for improving and promoting road safety within the construction and logistics industry.

Haulage operators can demonstrate their commitment to better road safety by signing up to the CLOCS Memorandum of Understanding, and implementing a plan for continuous improvement. Obviously, as JB & Co already are FORS Gold accredited, this helps showing that we take these matters seriously. Having adopted the MoU and an implementation plan, and having been thoroughly assessed over a period of time, we have now been awarded the CLOCS Champion status.

Nobody works harder at safety and environmental issues than our transport management team - it's good to see all their efforts rewarded!