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Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 6


Project Name – Domestic Roof, Surrey

Contractor – Polderland Landscapes

Designer – Maaike Van De Merwe

Project Information – A small but beautiful domestic project to remind us that green roofs can take all shapes and sizes. The green roof is an oak framed garage with a sloping roof, which the residents can see from the ground floor of their cottage. The clients were inspired by images of green roofs in magazines to improve their view. The cottage owner’s brief: colourful tapestry of plants to look like a natural sedum wildflower meadow. Maaike realised the client’s vision by laying sedum turf, which she interspersed with plug plants, to ensure the roof would look as natural as possible and have a lot of colour. Maaike hand-picked the turf and plugs and also transported these herself from the nursery to the site.

Bourne Amenity Involvement – Great to see domestic projects taking on green roof elements, on even something as small as a garden shed or flat roof extension. In this case we provided our BS8616:2019 extensive roof substrate, along with horticultural grit and lightweight clay to ensure a great lightweight finish to this domestic roof. All supplied in our small poly bags and installed with love.

Word from the designer“The sedum roof was put on with the highest variety of succulent plants and sempervivums added to give it a more naturalistic feel as to create a sedum wildflower meadow per client request. I was very happy with the substrate and grit that was delivered timely and per clients request in the correct place. I was happy with the client service you supplied in advising the right sort of substrate and the right quantities needed. For future sedum roofs I shall be in contact with Bourne Amenity again. Timely delivery of the products, good quality of the pallets and ease or ordering.”

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Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 5


Project Name – Whitechapel Station

Contractor – Blackdown

Architect – Crossrail 25

Project Information – This project involved a lot of coordination with other services and trades due to the restricted access, location (above a rail track) and for a prestigious project. The design of the station canopy on which the greenroof has been installed meant that the specified Blackdown system would need to function on a curved barrel vaulted which was pitched from 0 to 22 degrees. The pitched roof of 22 degrees requires a high degree of planning, meticulous attention to detail, planning and installation. The pitched areas require the addition of substrate retention battens to stop the migration of the materials down the slope.

Bourne Amenity Involvement – Clearly this was a challenging site being central London and part of the Crossrail project. Once again we had to deliver into strict timed delivery slots, with clearance needed on vehicles and drivers days before hand for security purposes, which is something our FORS Gold fleet is becoming used to. We delivered close to 2,000 poly bag units of our certified BS8616:2019 extensive substrate, along with a washed 20/40mm shingle for the drainage layer. Another exciting project on the London landscape and a great way to introduce biodiversity into a previously sterile urban environment.

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Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 4


Project Name – 33 King William Street

Contractor – Kings Landscapes

Project Information – Irrigated planters and lawns encouraging insects and wildlife to the ever-changing London skyline, supply and installation of a living wall, and green screens hiding the inevitable plant and AC units. Natural stone paved walkways, hardwood decking, bespoke timber benches and installation of the BMU housing incorporating an otherwise ugly but necessary element of high rise roofs into the landscape. Over 40 species of wildflowers and plants bring this space in the heart of London to life.

Bourne Amenity Involvement – Another challenging site with timed drops and deliveries in heavy traffic conditions. We delivered over 300m³ of our bespoke Intensive Roof Substrate in a combination of 1.2m³ bags and our poly bags to assist with moving the materials around site. There was also a sedum area that demanded our BS8616:2019 extensive blend, along with a double washed silica sand for drainage. Another privileged site to work on, and the results are stunning.

“Kings worked successfully with Bourne Amenity on 33 King William street both in product supply and logistically. Bourne were able to overcome strict timeslot allocations with material being lifted directly to the roof using the only tower crane on site. It was great to work with a company that are willing to go the extra mile during challenging times.” - Dan Pinna, Head of Operations, Kings Landscapes

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Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 3


Project Name – Verde

Contractor – Bowles & Wyer

Designer – Tom Stuart-Smith

Project Information – Tom Stuart-Smith designed these communal roof gardens, providing a serene and tranquil green space in the heart of the city. Planters were filled with a bespoke lightweight soil specifically formulated to accommodate load-bearing constraints and were planted with a selection of mature olives, pines, multi-stemmed Buxus and herbaceous planting. All materials and trees had to be lifted via a tower crane over the course of two weekends, with 100 lifts over two days. Day-to-day access was restricted to one goods lift for all other materials and the total contract length was six weeks

Bourne Amenity Involvement – The challenge with this site, as with many central London roof gardens was access. We had to make timed delivery slots along with weekend slots in order to sync with crane availability. We supplied an ultra-light Intensive planting substrate, along with subsoils and bark mulches all in small bag units, craned into position.

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Six of the Best for World Green Roof Day – Project 2


Project Name – Crossrail Roof Terrace

Contractor – Blakedown Landscapes

Architect – Gillespies

Project Information – The new Crossrail station in the North Dock of West India Quay, immediately north of Canary Wharf, has been transformed by the new station designed by Foster + Partners. Atop the new station is the roof park/garden covering over 5300m2 and designed by Gillespies. The primary function of the roof garden is as a publicly accessible garden space. The innovative space offers a unique climate with a partly covered roof; specialist planting plays a key role in the journey across the garden

Bourne Amenity Involvement – A fantastic project to be involved with that now plays a key role in creating an urban space of tranquillity and calm in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the financial district. We supplied close to 1,000 tonne of certified topsoil and subsoil into this scheme, along with specialist tree planting substrate to support the ferns and mature trees that were craned in via the roof.

“Bourne Amenity became part of the team at Crossrail and helped to make sure material was delivered exactly when required and to the high standard we expect. The evidence of the quality of the product is evidence now several years on as the garden has matured and the planting is flourishing” - Chris Wellbelove, Director, Blakedown Landscapes

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