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August photo competition winner!


For August, we received a number of spectacular entries, all of which could deserve an honourable mention. Some of them related to a rather royal delivery operation, but for reasons of State Security, we can't publish those... Let's just say that when you need this many tipper deliveries for your rose beds, then you are gardening at a different order of magnitude.

Anyway, the very well deserved winner for August is Josef, with this spectacular - and perhaps somewhat surprising if you haven't been to the quarry - view of Westerham on a summer morning!

July photo competition winner!


Again a crowded field with excellent entries; a special commendation goes to Thomas for supplying a whole file of superb cityscape pictures from the Canary Wharf volleyball job (some of which have been featured here already). I will get a number of them printed up to add to the collection in the office stairway - it will be hard to keep the selection to a reasonable number.

However, the prize goes to Ashley for this effort - the perspective is interesting and it really captures the feel of the big city. And the final touch is how, at the left-hand edge, there is a discreet reference to the Wharf - the Group main address.

Well done to all participants - keep the entries flowing! We have already had a number of contributions in August, which is promising to be an equally close contest. The weather remains superb for bright photography... though some pictures of logos reflected in rain puddles would be welcome for more than one reason now!

There will be a prize-giving ceremony in the yard here at Newenden when we can next get the June and July winners together.

Chatham Historic Dockyard


Here we are delivering two loads of play pit sand to a former RN Dockyard. If you think that sounds strange, then read on...

Chatham became a Royal Naval Dockyard for the Thames area in Henry VIII's day - it was finally fully established in 1567 and delivered its first ship, HMS Sunne in 1586. The yard was decommissioned in 1984 and about a third of the original space occupied by the dockyard was taken over by the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, which now runs it as a museum.

This summer, the Trust is running various activities for children. Arrr, in the Smithery, there be Pirate themed activities and the sand is for a grand, huge, sandpit, aye me hearties [/end pirate speak]. There is also, for example, a science show for children. The activities run until 2nd September and there is even a promotion on: a children's annual ticket is only £1 when bought with an adult ticket.

Over the 400 years of operation, more than 500 ships were built at Chatham, including HMS Victory of Trafalgar fame. The last ship actually launched at Chatham was HMCS Okanagan, a submarine for the Royal Canadian Navy, in 1966. In this photo, you can see parts of the three ships which are now preserved as museum exhibits in docks at the yard. The bowsprit nearest the lorry belongs to HMS Gannet. Launched in 1878, she was a sloop with an 1100 hp steam engine, as well as a three-masted barque rig (she could do 15 knots under sail but only 12 under steam). The next vessel is HMS Ocelot, a diesel-electric submarine of the same class as Okanagan and the last ship (well, "boat" if you ask submariners) built at Chatham for the RN. She is rather hard to see in the photo but if you look directly under the 'B' turret of the destroyer in the background, you can see a black bulbous shape, which is the sonar dome of Ocelot. Finally, the destroyer which you can actually see properly is HMS Cavalier, launched in 1944 and decommissioned in 1972. With twin steam turbines delivering 40,000 hp, she could reach a max speed of 37 knots (43 mph).

Caption competition


Here's a dramatic shot from the beach volleyball delivery (see Beach volleyball in the City). It's an early Sunday morning, and there's no traffic in Canary Wharf. Then suddenly, the quiet is disturbed by the slightly menacing growl of two six-cylinder diesel engines...

Can you come up with a good caption? "Streetwise tippers" was my initial stab but I'm sure you can do better. Please drop me a line at the address with any flashes of insight!

June photo competition results


Well! - another very close competition with many excellent entries. In particular, there were several excellent pictures of Bourne lorries in action - but we had decided to give preference to non-lorry images for the month of June. Therefore, the worthy winner is the above example of rural activities - the logo here is on Charlie's purpose-built compost spreader, operating in a lovely Sussex vineyard. The picture is by Peter Traill, who will receive his prize on the next suitable occasion.

Keep the photo entries coming - perhaps your snap will be the perfect image this month?