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Getting to grips with grit


Why adding a grit mix to your soil could make all the difference when it comes to creating a thriving garden

Here in the Garden of England, we’re lucky to have some of the best weather in the country (apparently), alongside verdant landscapes and beautiful scenery. It’s an area known for its agricultural and garden prowess, but despite the climate and area, even the most proficient gardeners can struggle to grow certain plants and vegetables in their gardens.

Much of the struggle comes down to the soil you’re blessed with. For some, that can be free-draining soil, such as sand, but, in many areas of Kent, gardeners will find they’re working with clay soil.

Clay is a heavy, wet soil which holds nutrients well, but unfortunately doesn’t drain well - which is why some plants struggle to grow when just relying on the soil. This is where adding a mix to your existing soil could work wonders for your garden and plant growth. Here at Gardenscape we have a vast number of different mixes to choose from, including bed & border planting mixes all the way through to professional growing media, but we’re here to get into the nitty gritty today - discussing why a grit mix could be beneficial for you and your garden.

Why do I need to use grit in my garden?

Most gardeners will have clay dominated soil, which isn’t ideal for drainage, and on its own can make it difficult to grow things in the garden. In order to get around this, - you can create a raised bed, or you can plant into your own soil from your garden, dig it hard and then add amendments to improve its fertility - but this takes a long time, because you’re trying to change the balance from predominantly clay soil to predominantly sand. This is where grit comes in - being a bigger particle than clay, silt or sand, when it’s mixed with organic matter, grit will help the drainage of your soil, and provide the perfect environment for your crops to grow.

What’s the benefit of buying a mix containing grit?

It is possible to just add grit to compost in your pots and borders, but getting the perfect ratio of grit to growing media can be a tricky business, especially if you’re applying directly to beds and borders. Rather than attempting to mix yourself, by getting a ready-mixed product, you’ve got more time to get planting, and then enjoy a cup of tea and admire your handiwork.

What’s the best mix for me? We have all kinds of different mixes with added grit, but what works best for you depends on a number of factors - most importantly, what you’re looking to grow. Anything that doesn’t like a lot of moisture and requires well-drained roots (for example, cacti, alpine plants and lavender), could benefit from a mix with grit. We sell a huge variety of different mixes, but we also offer bespoke mixes if none of our range suits your needs. These are particularly popular with nurseries and professional gardeners. Just contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help create the perfect mix for you and your garden!

How should I use my mix?

That all depends on your planting plans - if you’re creating a new bed, then dig out the desired space, and add your mix before planting up. If you’re adding it to an existing bed, then mix it evenly and watch your plants thrive!

If you’re not sure which mix is best for you, or would like us to create a bespoke mix for you, get in touch with us.