July photo competition winner!


Again a crowded field with excellent entries; a special commendation goes to Thomas for supplying a whole file of superb cityscape pictures from the Canary Wharf volleyball job (some of which have been featured here already). I will get a number of them printed up to add to the collection in the office stairway - it will be hard to keep the selection to a reasonable number.

However, the prize goes to Ashley for this effort - the perspective is interesting and it really captures the feel of the big city. And the final touch is how, at the left-hand edge, there is a discreet reference to the Wharf - the Group main address.

Well done to all participants - keep the entries flowing! We have already had a number of contributions in August, which is promising to be an equally close contest. The weather remains superb for bright photography... though some pictures of logos reflected in rain puddles would be welcome for more than one reason now!

There will be a prize-giving ceremony in the yard here at Newenden when we can next get the June and July winners together.