May competition results; June competition starts!


This was a really difficult competition to judge. Ashley supplied an absolutely superb picture from Sevenoaks, replete with company logos and of very high photographic quality. It was tweeted out on the JB & Co account and practically went viral (well, by our standards anyway). I will be using that picture a great deal in future company promotions.

However, the photo competition is also about showing the company at work in different situations and additional points are awarded for originality of composition. Therefore, on reflection, the May prize goes to Phil for the above effort. A similar picture taken at the same time also did very well on Twitter, but this one, recognisably showing Rye on the hill in the background, with two lorries in action, is this month's winner!

For June, I will be looking for pictures that do not include lorries, or at least, where the lorry is not the main subject. The photos still have to feature a Bourne Group logo (perhaps a Gardenscape one this time?), and they have to be taken this month and submitted to the competition before close of business on 29th June (since the 30th is a Saturday). Good luck - keep those lovely photos coming!