Islington Square


Yesterday, I went to London to view the Islington Square development, where we are supplying intensive roof substrate to Scotscape for the fabulous roof gardens planned for this luxury development.

There was quite a lot of waiting involved in the day's events. I made it for 9am, as planned, but Drew got stuck in traffic and so, after hanging around outside the main gate for a while, I went to a nearby caff to warm up a bit. It was about +4 and this, combined with a really mean easterly straight from Siberia, made the streets of North London unusually grim. It was inevitable that, at the very moment I got my coffee, Drew should call and say he was nearly there.

So I went back to the gate and got some nice pictures of an articulated Steward's lorry arriving with lots of (old design) bulk bags. Had a nice chat with the driver while we were both waiting - the site management wouldn't let the lorry in until 11.30, although this wasn't what the driver had been told. Then Drew turned up and we needed to go round to the other gate, where we eventually were let in and met with Jozsef, our cheerful Russian friend from Scotscape. He took us up on the roofs of two of the development blocks and showed the plans. These will be super flats with views over the City in one direction and Hampstead in the other. The top-floor apartments will have individual gardens, each with endless swimming pools (i.e., fairly small ones with a turbine to keep a constant water flow for you to swim against) and with stunning views. Scotscape are making the gardens and, among other amazing statistics, these will include 600 linear metres of hedging.

It was cold on that roof, as you can perhaps see from the photo. Once the lorry was allowed in and the bags were being unloaded by crane from the yard up to one of the roofs, I shot a quick video and then we got out of the wind as fast as the semi-finished stairways would allow us. Drew and Jozsef went on to the now almost finished Vista development in Battersea, but I had my own driving and delivery job scheduled for the afternoon, so said cheers to Drew and до свидания to Jozsef.