BALI Awards event - a review


The photo shows the Great Room at Grosvenor House shortly before the lunch started. it was all very elegantly laid out and, though there must have been something like 1200 people there, there was adequate space for everybody.

The awards were of course what everybody was there for, and we were very pleased that One Tower Bridge won the Grand Award - the "Best in Show" prize. It is an amazing project too, and we are proud to have supplied our products via Scotscape. As these things tend to do, the ceremony did rather drag on. The presenter was Stephanie McGovern, a well-known TV presenter (apparently - but then I don't watch TV!). She did have some trouble holding the attention of the crowd, as the procedure trundled on, but it would have been an impossible task for anybody, as the temperature rose and drink was being drunk. Everybody should get their time in the limelight, but if there were any way of speeding up the presentation of the awards, that would be the single improvement that would make a big difference to the event.

The food was nicely presented and well prepared, but not that inspiring, perhaps (difficult with 1200 guests though). There was a decent amount of drink available and we enjoyed that! The prices in the bar afterwards are, well, London prices... need I say more?

Overall, the organisation can't be faulted. Everything worked smoothly, the catering and security staff did their jobs unobtrusively and there was never any real crush. People were generally well-behaved and I think we all left with feelings of goodwill towards humankind in general and BALI in particular - a good thing at this time of the year!