A day in a grab lorry (1)


Last week, I went for a trip on an eight-wheeler grab lorry, the venerable Volvo FM GK12 SJX. As I haven't quite managed to get round to getting an HGV licence yet, it was skillfully and safely driven by John.

We first went to Sevenoaks to load seven bags of rootzone and 14 bags of compost. Then a quick look at the traffic to work out the best route to our first discharging point - Lords Cricket Ground, near Regent's Park. Dartford and Blackwall tunnels were absolutely chocka, and the A2 looked equally grim. So we decided to go round the M25 and come in from the West via the M40/A40. It did take a while...

Eventually, we found Gate 6, which was very firmly closed. After some discussion with Security and the staff of our customer, Frosts Landscapes, the bolt was pulled and we could reverse in. This involved a nice S-bend with less than a foot on either side of the lorry... I was rather glad not to have to do that one. But then, I could be let loose with my camera - only, we were at the back of the stands at Lords and there was no chance of getting any iconic views. I did get a lot of photos though and will post them somewhere when my blogging skills improve. The seven bags of rootzone were unloaded and then we set off down Edgware Road and Park Lane to our next goal.